"More Profit From Every Adwords Campaign!"

By Arun Agrawal

Let me tell you a secret…

Don’t send the prospect directly to the merchant site! Send them to a special landing page on your website.

Here you should -

- Pre-sell the prospect. Now what the heck does it mean?

Give quality and relevant information about the topic on which you advertised and then send your prospect over to the merchant. Don’t try to convince him or put any hype here. This puts him in a warm and relaxed mood. His guard will be down and he will be more receptive to the sales message of the merchant.

This idea alone can boost your profit from Adwords ad by 162% or more.

Say, you are advertising for Site Build It, which takes care of all technical stuff from hosting to search engine promotion, while you build a content-rich website. If you directly send the prospect to the Site Build It site, you may get a few sales for every 100 visitors you send there.

However you can get many more sales with fewer visitors if you can do a good job pre-selling them. Talk about how concentrating on the web site topic instead of bothering about techie stuff can improve the quality of their site and make the job quicker and more fun. Those who visit Site Build It site after going through your comments will be more apt to invest in their own SBI site.

How do you pre-sell effectively?

An excellent guide on this topic (and a steal at $9.95) is Make Your Content Pre-sell. This book is fun to read, full of illustrations and helps you discover the secret of greater affiliate income.


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